Brain research illustration

Brain tumours

Our aim is to demonstrably improve the survival and quality of life of patients with brain and skull base tumours by translating  discoveries into better treatments.

We already treat the most brain tumour patients in the UK and nationally, leading in all clinical areas, and are the only UK centre able to offer all modalities of treatment including proton beam.

The Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences is among the top three centres in the world for neurofibromatosis type II and skull base tumours.

We are also one of 10 centres in the national trial network for brain tumours and have a well-established brain tumour bio-repository with full time technician and administrative support.

Our aims are to:

  • Develop the leading UK centre for clinical/preclinical co-trials
  • Develop the leading UK centre for phase 0 studies
  • Develop the leading centre for radiobiology and quality of life
  • Lead a multicentre phase 3 randomised controlled trial; from our candidate agents targeted at the inflammatory microenvironment

Research theme lead: Dr David Coope