Innovation Factor

Innovation Factor ®

Innovation Factor is an online innovation tool powered by TRUSTECH, an NHS organisation that aims to improve health and social care through innovation. Since 2001, TRUSTECH has been helping NHS colleagues develop novel solutions and innovations to bring positive change to the service.

The Northern Care Alliance has partnered with TRUSTECH to enable staff at the Trust access to their resources, support and vast expertise in innovation management within the NHS.

IF is an easy way for staff to:

  • Submit ideas and innovations.
  • Offer suggestions for service improvements.
  • Ask questions about innovation.

IF provides you with:

  • Bespoke feedback on your next steps.
  • Advice on development and idea protection.
  • Assistance in identifying funding.
  • Opportunities to raise awareness of your ideas.

TRUSTECH also offers further support to make staff ideas become reality, including the following services:

Innovation Support

Our IS services are on hand to advise and educate your staff on topics that are associated with innovation projects.

  • We provide intellectual property, patent and copyright advice.
  • Face-to-face training, including an in-depth overview of the innovation development cycle, market research and viability assessments.
  • Bespoke support with innovations at any level, from early-stage assessments to introducing your idea to the market.


Innovation Development

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing novel solutions, from medical devices and training programmes to educational materials and mobile applications.

  • We conduct full audits on innovations that offer significant potential improvements to the health and care system.
  • We help with identifying and securing funding from a range of sources.
  • We support staff in establishing a commercial structure and plan to effectively increase adoption and diffusion across the health and care system.


Innovator Engagement

Working with partners outside of the NHS is often the best way to develop and deploy new products and services that could benefit patients.

  • We help staff members to safely and effectively work with reliable companies that can meet your organisational needs.
  • We help identify and evaluate suitable partners or solutions.