Research office staff

Sponsorship Support and Compliance

The Research & Innovation Department is keen to work with colleagues across the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group to support the development, funding and delivery of research. One of the ways in which we do this is through sponsorship.

We encourage any colleagues who have ideas for research projects to contact the R&I department in the first instance. We can discuss your ideas, provide advice and signpost you to other sources of support if needed.

Every clinical research study taking place within the UK requires a research governance sponsor. The sponsor can be a person, but is more usually an organisation that has the capacity, skills and resources to accept the role. The UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research and the UK clinical trial regulations specify what the responsibilities of the sponsor are and outline some of the activities they should perform.  In summary the sponsor is responsible for “securing the arrangements to initiate, manage and at times finance a study”.

Sponsorship of NCA studies includes monitoring of compliance and delivery throughout the study’s duration to ensure that we are fulfilling contractual obligations for grant-funded activity.

Other responsibilities for the Sponsorship Support and Compliance team include the auditing of NCA NHS Group hosted studies where necessary and to conduct facility audits across the NCA NHS Group to include the Clinical Research Facilities, Clinical Research Pharmacy Facilities, Research Laboratory Facilities as well as Human Tissue Act audits and supporting regulatory inspections.

Sponsorship and compliance across the NCA NHS Group is supported by the Sponsorship Support & Compliance Team.

For more information on how we decide which studies we can sponsor or to request NCA NHS sponsorship for your study please contact:

Beverley Greenhalgh

Monitoring & auditing inquiries:

Katie Poole

Mariya Barakova