Dr Smeeta Sinha

Professor Smeeta Sinha

Contact details:



MB ChB:  University of Manchester, 2000

MRCP (UK):  Royal College of Physicians, 2003

PhD (Med.):  University of Manchester, 2010

FRCP (UK):  Royal College of Physicians, 2014

Present appointments:

  • Consultant Nephrologist, Salford Royal Hospital, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust: 2010 – present
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Nephrology, University of Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre: 2014 – present
  • Board Member, European Renal Association CKD-MBD Working Group: 2019 – present
  • Trustee, Kidneys for Life Charity: 2020 – present
  • Deputy Director Research & Innovation – Innovation Lead, Northern Care Alliance: 2021 – present
  • Visiting Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University: 2022 – present
  • National Clinical Director for Renal Medicine, NHS England: 2022 – present

Previous appointments:

  • Renal Clinical Research Fellow, Vascular Research Group & University of Manchester: May 2006 – May 2009
  • Specialist Registrar Renal Medicine, North West Deanery: May 2009 – May 2010
  • Clinical Director Renal Services and Consultant Renal Physician, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust: May 2014 – February 2020
  • North England Representative, UK Renal Association Clinical Services Committee: September 2017 – February 2020
  • North West England Regional Lead, UK Renal Association Kidney Quality Improvement Project: January 2018 – February 2021

Research interests/expertise:

  • Multi-morbidity including diabetic kidney disease, vascular calcification, and rare renal diseases.
  • Dr Sinha is internationally recognised opinion leader in the field of vascular calcification and calciphylaxis.
  • She supported the development of clinical trials including Phase 1-3 studies.
  • Dr Sinha is the Chief Investigator for Calciphyx, an international Phase 3 RCT in Calciphylaxis and the UK PI for numerous other RCTs and studies.

Current research grants and studies:


  • UK Calciphylaxis Study – multicentre observational study (34 sites), Chief investigator, Amgen UK (2012 – ongoing)
  • Better Evidence and Translation for Calciphylaxis (BEAT-Calci), Co-applicant, Australian Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), Rare Cancers, Rare Disease and Unmet Need Grant (2018 – ongoing)
  • CALCIPHYX, Phase 3 Placebo Controlled Randomized trial of SNF472 in Patients with Calciphylaxis, International Chief Investigator and UK PI, Sanifit Therapeutics A.A. (2019 – ongoing)
  • RevOCE CKD- Revolutionising Outpatient Care for Patients with Chronic Kidney disease, Principal Investigator, Salford Integrated Care Partnership (2023 – ongoing)
  • METEOR feasibility study, Chief Investigator, Johnson & Johnson Research Grant (2021 – 2023)
  • Better Evidence and Translation for Calciphylaxis (BEAT-Calci), co-applicant Baxter IIR Grant (2021 – ongoing)

Publications (last 5 years):


Al-Chalabi S, Chinnadurai R, Kalra PA, Sinha S, Mortality and Renal Outcomes Are Impacted by Obesity in Cardiorenal Metabolic Disease but Not in People with Concomitant Diabetes Mellitus. Cardiorenal Med. 2024;14(1):23-33.


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