This is the last part of the programme

Homework Time!
(Don’t worry – you will enjoy this homework.)

It’s time to explore round where you live to see how many of these signs you can find. It is helpful to print the two diagrams of The Hazard House to take with you. [PDF links here]

You will need an adult to help you with this.Take the adult who is helping you (and anyone else where you are staying) to look around the house. Look in the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and (if you have outside space) look in the garage or shed, too.

Remember that is it dangerous to touch these products. Always ask an adult first.

Write down the names of the products that you find or ask your adult helper to do this for you. Write down which hazard signs were on each of these products.

Next is the fun bit…! You can complete the online Hazard House below by ticking the symbols you see in each room. You can also type in the names of the products you find in each room.

When you are finished scroll to the bottom the page to find out how to share your Hazard House with us!


Your First Name:
Bathroom Bedroom

What did you find in the bathroom?
What did you find in the bedroom?
Living Room Kitchen Shed/Garage

What did you find in the living room?
What did you find in the kitchen?
What did you find in the shed/garage?

Click the button below to save a picture of your Hazard House to share with us!

You can send via email to

Or take the printed house back to school and give it to your teacher (if your school asked you to take part in this work)

Or print and post to:
Professor Tony Long
School of Health & Society
University of Salford
M6 6PU


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