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Patients, service users & public

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Research is good for all of us – patients, public, clinicians, and NHS organisations – and is an everyday part of life in the NHS.

Studies have shown that research-active hospitals and other NHS organisations have better outcomes for their patients and service users and our researchers are committed to improving healthcare for all.

  • These stories from patients and service users give an idea of why some people get involved in research and what the experience has been like for them.

Volunteers are an important part of research.  We know that when research is carried out with patients and members of the public involved, it can improve lives and lead to better healthcare.


We want to increase awareness of, knowledge about and involvement in health research so that more people are aware of the choices they can make. Taking part in research doesn’t just involve testing new drugs or treatments – we often carry out patient surveys, ask people to advise on ideas for research or use routine observations that are already collected.

We also have our own biobank, the Northern Care Alliance Research Collection and if you are a patient at one of our hospitals you may be asked if you will donate a sample to this.