Volunteering: Helping in medical student exams


The University of Manchester medical school along with Salford Royal are looking for healthy people aged 18+ to take part in medical student exams, acting the part of a ‘simulated patient’.

Exams are a vital part of the training of future doctors, and by including members of the public in their training, clinicians are better able to teach and assess many skills which are important when training doctors.

Medical student practical exams are held at various points in the year; you can attend as many or as few as you wish. One of our exams coordinators will contact you in advance of each exam to check your availability.  If you are able to attend, they can arrange transport for you to the hospital where the exam is being held, if required.

Who can take part?

Any member of the public who is aged 18+, is willing to be examined by medical students and able to attend for either a morning, afternoon or whole day.

What will taking part involve?

During the exam it is likely that you will be seen by 8-10 medical students, each for eight minutes at a time. Each student will be asked to perform a brief examination of you (non-invasive), to see how they communicate/interact with patients.  Exactly what will happen will be explained to you by the exams coordinator on initial contact.

Where will it take place?

Salford Royal Clinical Skills labs (Mayo Building – Level 2)

For further information please contact

Christina.Newman2@nca.nhs.uk or Victoria.Whittaker-Gaskell@nca.nhs.uk

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