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Research management

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Research management is the broad range of regulations, principles and standards of good practice that ensures high quality research.

The Research & Innovation (R&I) department is responsible for ensuring that research across Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA) conforms to all necessary legal, regulatory and ethical requirements. NCA is made up of Salford Care Organisation,  Oldham Care Organisation, Rochdale Care Organisation and  Bury Care Organisation.

All research which takes place across NCA must receive Confirmation of Capacity and Capability (C&C) from the R&I department before the study can start at any of the Care Organisations.

All research studies led in England and Wales must be reviewed by the Health Research Authority (HRA). For more guidance on applying for HRA approval please click here.

For studies which are sponsored either by NCA or an external organisation, the Research Management team reviews all studies in order to assess C&C. Please contact the RM team as early as possible to discuss set-up requirements.

All commercial and non-commercial studies contacts:

Katie Poole

Leanne Charnock

Melissa Shaw

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