Helen Moffatt-Adams, Fiona Bray

Research Management

For externally sponsored studies, the RM team works alongside the research delivery teams to facilitate study set up and confirm C&C at the appropriate Care Organisations. This involves:

  • Ensuring that the local document package (including all regulatory approvals) has been received.
  • Reviewing the budget and study agreements/contracts (if applicable). Costing of studies and subsequent negotiation can start as soon as a draft protocol is available. The NIHR costing template will be used for all commercial studies.
  • Ensuring that all service support departments can support the study.
  • Coordinating the support of any external organisations (if required).
  • Ensuring all documents are in place for any external staff to come on site to conduct research. Please click here for more information on Research Passports, which are required to be in place when a University member of staff requires a Letter of Access (LoA). NHS employed staff are required to submit a signed and dated NHS to NHS pro-forma to facilitate their LoA (see below).
    NHS to NHS confirmation of pre-engagement checks
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