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Engagement and involvement in research

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Patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) is an important part of research, providing key insight for researchers and clinicians about the potential benefits and/or impact of future research.

Incorporating PPIE in research can also help to improve equality, diversity and inclusion by making sure a broad range of views are considered at the outset, removing barriers to inclusion at an early stage.

Effective PPIE provides an opportunity to integrate the voice of the ‘end user’ throughout the research process and can lead to more robust and reliable findings, which have relevancy for the patient population.

Our R&I Engagement Team can provide advice on how to  develop effective PPIE  – from the initial grant development and application stage, to facilitation of patient and public involvement throughout the delivery of the research.

Our work in this field is an essential part of the research process and aims to ensure that developments in health research reflect the needs of all those involved. This is equally important in the latter stages of the research process, with the team able to offer advice on how to make  research findings and evidence accessible to a broad audience.

If you would like to find out more about the support available to develop and integrate patient and public involvement in your research, contact Jess Zadik, Health Inequalities Research Lead.

Ensuring that the breadth and diversity of the research that takes place is effectively communicated to the research community, health and social care colleagues and our population is also an essential part of the team’s function. Key developments in research are promoted to both a Trust wide and external audience at a local, regional and national level, providing an effective platform to publicise the high quality research that is making a difference to everyday lives.

If you would like support to promote your research, contact Claire Mooney, R&I Communications Manager.

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