The Northern Care Alliance has an excellent track record in securing grants from respected funding bodies, including the National Institute for Health Research, major charities, the Medical Research Council and other UK research councils. These cover a broad range of subject areas, from population health and health economics, to stroke, oral health, critical care, antimicrobials, musculoskeletal conditions and care of acutely unwell children.

The world of research funding is extremely competitive and applications have to be of a very high standard in order to be successful.

We have close links with other NHS and research organisations, universities and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to facilitate collaborative research projects.

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group is keen to support National Institute  for Health Research, Medical Research Council, and charitable research bodies and other grant applications.

To ensure prompt turnaround of authorisation at the NCA, we need the following details from investigators before a grant submission:


Funding body eg NIHR RfPB
Funding call
Full title of application  
Lead investigator/ Project manager Name & contact details
Collaborating organisations’ key contacts eg Universities? Other NHS Trusts? And contact details
Project timelines Start date – end date
Project budget  
Deadline for submission Date
Approvals required eg R&I Director of Operations? Finance Director? NHS designated signatory


Please ensure the R&I team is made aware of any potential submissions as soon as possible, enabling prompt sign off and authorisation to confirm all deadlines are met. The team is happy to review Draft Grant Submissions prior to the deadline.

The key contacts, who must be copied into all correspondence, are:

R&I Finance Manager Aishah Abbas

R&I Business Development Manager Natalie Garratt

Administration of all grants processed through the NCA is led by R&I Support Officer Fiona Bray


You can also obtain support from the NIHR Research Design Service North West whose role is to support researchers to develop and design high quality research applications for submission to NIHR and other national, peer-reviewed funding competitions for applied health or social care research. We encourage you to contact RDS as soon as you are considering applying for a grant.