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There is an extensive diabetes research programme at Salford Royal (under Professor Martin Gibson, Dr Adrian Heald and Professor Akheel Syed) and at The Royal Oldham Hospital (Dr Biswa Mishra).

We have led key research into early diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance and introduced pioneering technologies to support patients. We hosted the NIHR-funded evaluation of the national NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, a behaviour-change initiative linked to a significant reduction in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in adults with raised blood sugars.

Salford Royal is the only NHS hospital in Greater Manchester to provide bariatric surgery and we have an associated programme of research. Additionally, our research-active AHPs lead innovation and research into diabetic foot ulcers.

If you want more information, please contact a member of the diabetes research team.

Salford Royal – 0161 206 2018



help BEAT diabetes

The ‘Help BEAT Diabetes’ campaign encourages those living with diabetes in Greater Manchester  to get involved with a wide range of research opportunities in their local area.

For more information about the campaign please visit the Help BEAT Diabetes website.

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