Research management – who to contact for your specialty

Acute (Salford) – Fiona Bray, Melissa Shaw

Bury Core Team – Rowen Norton, Alice Brown

Cancer – Rowen Norton, Leanne Charnock

Community – Rowen Norton, Alice Brown

Dermatopharmacology – Rowen Norton, Katie Poole

Inpatient (Salford) – Fiona Bray, Melissa Shaw

Metabolic Medicine – Fiona Bray, Katie Poole

Musculoskeletal – Fiona Bray, Leanne Charnock

Neurology – Rowen Norton, Leanne Charnock

Oldham Core Team – Rowen Norton, Alice Brown

Renal & Diabetes (Salford) – Fiona Bray, Melissa Shaw

Rochdale – Rowen Norton, Alice Brown

Salford Clinical Research Facility – Fiona Bray, Leanne Charnock

Scleroderma (Salford) – Rowen Norton, Melissa Shaw

Sponsorship – Rowen Norton, Fiona Bray, Fatma Rumash

Vaccines – Fiona Bray, Katie Poole

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