Surviving Crying: Are you struggling to cope with a crying baby?

Associate Principal Investigator opportunity on the Surviving Crying study

We are looking to recruit a Northern Care Alliance health care professional to become an Associate Principal Investigator for the Surviving Crying study.

What is the Associate PI programme?

The NIHR Associate Principal Investigator (PI) programme is a six month in-work training opportunity, providing practical experience for healthcare professionals interested in a research career. The Associate PI Scheme links NHS health professionals who are not research active with a study Principal Investigator (PI) who will act as a mentor to the Associate PI at the same site for a period of six months.

A checklist of activities relating to study management at site is completed which allows the Associate PI to learn research leadership skills. The Associate PI is awarded a certificate on completion of the scheme for their training portfolio.

What is the Surviving Crying study?

 The Surviving Crying project was created to support parents and carers who have babies up to five months old who cry for prolonged periods. Excessive crying affects one in five babies, with peak crying often happening around five weeks of age. The project team has developed a support package to help parents understand and cope with prolonged crying, which can be extremely traumatic for parents and carers. This includes written and online materials and a support programme provided by specially trained Health Visitors.

This trial aims to find out if our support package used in conjunction with standard health visits is more effective in helping parents and carers cope with an excessively crying baby than standard health visits alone.

What are the role requirements?

  •  Applicants must have support from manager to put time aside to assist with the study. This requires approval on the expression of interest form.
  • No specific amount of time is required but minimum to achieve certification is necessary. This is flexible and can be designed to meet successful applicants’ availability. No funding is available for backfill. Applicants will take part in the programme alongside performing their core role.
  • Willing and able to travel to Rochdale for the majority of the role. This may include Rochdale Infirmary, GP practices and community (Heywood, Rochdale, Middleton) when needed.
  • Complete a research CV and GCP training prior to signing on the delegation log.
  • Signed onto study delegation log and review it on a regular basis.
  • Monitoring research CVs and GCP certificates to ensure they are up to date, working alongside the study admin team.
  • Disseminating the study to local departments/hospitals and distributing posters, social media and presentations at GP’s. This will include presenting the study.
  • Regular meeting/catch up with the study PI. Attendance at team meeting as needed and completion of a monthly learning log.
  • Review of patient screening, referral eligibility and screening log for validation. To take place at least once for each process.
  • Involved in recruitment, consenting and/or follow-up of at least one patient.
  • Additional activities could include interacting with the Clinical Trials Unit, participation in multi-centre study meetings and involvement in R&I/CCR activity.

What support is available?

 The study PI, Ruth HaasEckersley will act as your mentor throughout the duration of your time on the study and support will be provided by the study team.

Why is this being offered?

  •  To integrate clinical research into clinical training.
  • To develop doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare professionals to be PIs of the future.
  • To recognise and promote doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and healthcare professionals to engage in NIHR portfolio research in a consistent manner.
  • To increase opportunities for patients to be involved in high quality research to improve care.

Am I eligible?

 Applicants must be a health and care professional who does not have research as a core part of their role but wishes to gain skills and experience by participating in a NIHR Portfolio research study through mentorship from the local study PI.

  • Must be able to commit to six months of working on a study.
  • Must not be a student.
  • You do not need to be based in Rochdale but must be willing and able to travel to Rochdale for the role.

What are the benefits?

  •  Experience of research with the oversight of the local enthusiastic PI.
  • Learning about the challenges and practicalities of delivering a portfolio study.
  • Evidenced activity via the checklist that can be used in training portfolio.
  • Participation is recognised through certification for their training portfolio.
  • Portfolio career benefits.
  • Associate PIs will be acknowledged in the primary publication(s) from the study.

 How do I apply?

 Please download and complete the Surviving Crying Associate PI scheme Expression of Interest form and return to by 5pm on Friday 26th January 2024.

For any queries, please contact

For more information about the scheme, please visit the Associate PI Scheme website. They also host a regular programme of educational webinars which can be found here.

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