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Centre for Clinical and Care Research internship opportunity

In collaboration with Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust (NCA), the Centre for Clinical and Care Research (CCR) will support a nurse, midwife, allied health professional or other registered health or care professional (excluding medicine and dentistry) to develop their skills and knowledge of some of the wider research processes.

This internship will be bespoke to the individual, and therefore does not have a specific format and is not linked to an existing research study. Some examples of activities that could be supported in this internship include:

  • Shadowing different research delivery teams to witness the various stages of clinical research delivery first-hand.
  • Shadowing a Principal Investigator of a current study and being involved in the project eg, patient and public involvement and engagement activity, data collection etc.
  • Undertaking an Associate Principal Investigator position on an affiliated study (Associate PI programme website)
  • Protected time to write an application for research funding from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) or other organisations.
  • Involvement in running a single research project while engaging in research first-hand.
  • Writing up audit/quality improvement/service evaluation results for publication.
  • Support to perform and write-up an exploratory/systematic review to develop a research question.
  • Patient and public engagement/involvement activities.
  • Developing your research networks and collaborations.
  • Undertaking research training specific to your needs.
  • Presenting your research, audit, quality improvement or service evaluation at a relevant conference.

What support is available?

This internship will support an NCA colleague to have protected time to engage in research by providing backfill funding for the research time taken. The funding is available for a maximum of one day a week for up to 12 months. The successful applicant will receive bespoke mentorship and training and will also be eligible for up to £1,000 for individual training/research activities.

Why is this being offered?

The CCR aims to build a research culture within the NCA non-medical workforce, to support future independent researchers and those who wish to develop as clinical researchers and apply for research funding.

Who is the scheme for?

Individuals who are currently working at NCA as a nurse, midwife, allied health professional, research delivery team member or other non-medical profession and would like an opportunity to develop their research skills and experience.

How do I apply?

Initially, please contact the CCR team (ccr@nca.nhs.uk) to discuss how you would like to use the internship to ensure it fits the remit. If it does, then discuss with your line manager how the internship may be facilitated and gain their agreement for your release for up to 1 day a week to undertake the internship (the CCR can help with these discussions). Please complete the CCR Internship Application Form and send it to ccr@nca.nhs.uk by 5pm on Friday 26 January 2024. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interview. The start date will be agreed with the successful applicant.

For any queries, please contact ccr@nca.nhs.uk

Read more about the CCR at: https://www.ncaresearch.org.uk/centre-for-clinical-and-care-research/

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