Dr Dimitris Poulikakos

Dr Dimitrios Poulikakos

Contact details:



Medical degree: National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 1998

Renal Medicine Exit Exam: 2010

MD (Res):  St George’s University of London, 2015

(Electrocardiography for risk stratification of sudden cardiac death in chronic kidney disease)

Present appointments:

  • Consultant Renal Physician, Salford Royal Hospital, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust: 2015 – present
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences, Centre for Cardiac Research Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manchester: 2019 – present
  • Clinical Director, Department of Renal Medicine, Salford Care Organisation, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust: 2020 – present
  • Clinical Director/ Co-Chair North West Kidney Network – 2023

Previous appointments:

  • AKI Educational Clinical Lead Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Network: 2015 – 2017
  • AKI Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Lead: 2018 – 2021
  • Clinical Lead for CKD workstream for Greater Manchester North West Kidney Network: 2022 – 2023

Supervision at higher degrees (primary supervisor of one PhD student – Consultancy with Panthera).

Research interests/expertise:

  • Cardiovascular disease in CKD
  • Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death
  • Acute kidney injury
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Health inequalities in CKD and immune response to COVID-19 infection
  • Vaccination in dialysis and renal transplant patients

Current research grants:

  • Proteomic analysis of molecules exchanged using new medium cut-off dialysis membrane, Co-applicant, Kidneys for Life, (2018 – ongoing)
  • Evaluation of point of care creatinine for early detection and management of AKI in the community, Principal Investigator, Investigator Initiated Research-NOVA biomedical (2018 – ongoing)
  • Genetic associations with increased repolarisation heterogeneity and cardiac risk in HD patients, Principal Investigator, Kidneys for Life (2018 – ongoing)
  • Impact of medium cut-off membrane on FGF-23 level on hemodialysis patients, Principal Investigator, Investigator Initiated Research-Baxter (2018 – ongoing)
  • Goal directed incremental peritoneal dialysis in Nigeria, Co-applicant, International Society of Nephrology-Clinical Research Programme Grant (2021 – 2023)

Publications (last 5 years):


McDonnell T, Storrar J, Chinnadurai R, Heal C, Chrysochou C, Ritchie J, Rainone F, Poulikakos D, Kalra P, Sinha S, The epidemiology of primary FSGS including cluster analysis over a 20-year period. BMC Nephrol. 2023 Dec 10;24(1):365.

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