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Introduction to Research and Patient and Public Involvement

The Introduction to Research programme is for members of the public who want to provide a ‘lay’ perspective to improve Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research. This could include being involved in the design of research, being a member of an advisory group, reviewing written resources or sharing research findings with other members of the public.

This free programme will provide relevant knowledge and information to enable participants to develop their understanding of the research process over three sessions, all at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust:

Session 1   – Why do research? An introduction to R+D in the NHS

Date: Thursday 5 March  9.30am-1pm. 

This session will provide a brief history of research and explain the different types of research. It will give an insight into research governance and the national infrastructure that supports research, and will explain how research contributes to the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of disease.

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Session 2 – What is PPI? A journey through Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Date:  Thursday 30 April 9.30am–1pm.  

This session will explore what Patient and Public Involvement in Research actually is, detailing the different ways people can be involved in research, other than as study participants. It will recognise the benefits and the importance of taking part for both individuals and organisations.

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Session 3Making yourself heard – being a member of a research team

Date:  Thursday 28 May 9.30am-1pm.   

This session will explore some of the practicalities of being involved with a research team,  from attending your first meeting and dealing with jargon to getting your voice heard. It will provide you with the skills and confidence to be an active member of the team.

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If you would like further information or to book a place on any of the above sessions, please contact Diane Lomas   tel. 0161 206 5137

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