Professor Monty Silverdale

New clinical lead for neuroscience across Greater Manchester

Professor Monty Silverdale is the new Clinical Lead for the MAHSC Neuroscience Domain.

This brings together academic expertise in neuroscience from across Greater Manchester, maximising the opportunities for new research which can be developed and deployed at scale for the benefit of patients.

Appointed as a MAHSC Chair in 2020, Professor Silverdale leads an exciting programme of research in movement disorders and is one of the leading clinical academics within the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neurosciences at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, collaborating with scientists across Greater Manchester. He has been a member of the MAHSC Neuroscience Operational Board since its inception.

He is also the NIHR Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester specialty lead for dementias and neurodegeneration, lead neurologist on the Greater Manchester Deep Brain Stimulation Programme, and Chair of the UK Parkinson’s disease Clinical Studies group.

He led the largest ever study looking at pain in Parkinson’s which could now lead to a major shift in the way pain symptoms are managed. He is also lead neurologist on the ‘scent of Parkinson’s’ study, using skin chemicals as a novel way to diagnose Parkinson’s disease.

Professor Silverdale replaces Professor Andrew King, who was instrumental in establishing the domain and has been Clinical Lead since its inauguration in 2019, driving many activities across clinical neurosciences. His leadership over this time has been key in getting the domain to where it is now, with over £136k invested in research and five new Fellowship awards. Professor King remains Co-Director of the Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre, a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Salford Care Organisation and Professor of Neurosurgery at The University of Manchester.

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