Pipette and test tubes

More patients getting chance to try cutting edge treatments

Well done to research staff at Salford Royal and Pennine Acute, who are leading the way in recruiting patients to commercial studies.

It means our patients are being given the chance to try some of the most cutting edge treatments available.

Between April and October this year, the Northern Care Alliance has had 777 patients taking part in studies involving some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and supported by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN).

Approval by the Clinical Research Network means these are independently reviewed, high quality studies that are really important in improving care and treatment in the NHS.

Salford Royal had 408 people taking part in 25 studies while at Pennine Acute, there were 369 patients across 16 trials, putting the two Trusts first and second for recruitment in Greater Manchester. Together, the Northern Care Alliance is in second place nationally for number of patients recruited to commercial studies approved by the NIHR CRN.

Director of Research Operations Dr Steve Woby said: “Ensuring that patients across the Northern Care Alliance have access to state of the art research opportunities is one of our key priorities.  Recent data showing that we are the top recruiter to industry studies in Greater Manchester, and the second largest recruiter in the UK, is a fantastic achievement and highlights our commitment to providing patients with access to the very latest treatments and technologies in order to improve health outcomes.”

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