Renal Centre, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Renal experts build on Nigerian partnership

Renal experts are to build on their successful partnership supporting colleagues in Nigeria.

The Salford Royal kidney team will now become a mentor centre after six years working with the University Hospital, Port Harcourt, as part of the International Society of Nephrology’s prestigious Sister Renal Centres programme.

This partners centres of excellence such as Salford Royal with renal units in low and middle-income countries that need extra resources and training.

Prof Ibi Erekosima (centre) with colleagues in Nigeria

During the partnership, colleagues from Salford have been working with the team in Port Harcourt, donating their time for free to train and educate staff, helping to set up the first peritoneal dialysis programme in Nigeria, and giving advice to support the building of an ultra-modern kidney centre in the city’s new teaching hospital (pictured top).

The team at Port Harcourt will now partner with another local renal centre, working with Salford to support them.

Professor Ibi Erekosima has led the partnership from Salford. He said: “This programme has undoubtedly put Salford Royal hospital on the global map supporting advancement of renal care and nephrology in low and middle-income countries.”

He and colleagues will be returning to Port Harcourt in October to see the progress so far and undertake training and teaching.

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