Professor Phil Kalra

Renal Leadership Award for research lead

Congratulations to Professor Phil Kalra, Renal Consultant and Principal Clinical Research Lead at Salford Royal, who is the 2019 winner of the Jane Macdonald Leadership Award given by the British Renal Society (BRS) for his leadership in UK renal research.

As part of the award, he lectured on ‘Renal research in the UK: stimulating participation, facilitating careers’ at the UK Kidney Week conference, organised by the BRS and the Renal Association in Brighton on 4 June. The award is named after BRS Past President and former Assistant Director of Nursing, Jane Macdonald, who is now Associate Director of the Transaction Programme at Salford Royal.

Prof Kalra has been a Consultant at Salford Royal since 1995 and is the current Academic Vice President of the Renal Association, and served as chair of the NIHR CRN National Renal Disorders speciality group for clinical trials 2010-2018 and chair of the UK Kidney Research Consortium 2016-2018.

His expertise in renovascular disease and cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease is recognised worldwide and he has been involved in developing several large UK clinical trials in nephrology and cardiology.  He has played a key role in amalgamating cardio-renal education and research within the UK.

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