Research Management responsibilities – who to contact

Archiving – Archiving emails to be sent to:

Change in study status (including green light)  or dates – CH, MG, RP

Contracts/MTA –  KD, FB, HH, RN, FR, KP, AB, LC, MS

‘ESR’ forms/Change in contract forms – KD, FB, RN

Expressions of interest –  KP, AB, LC, MS

Honorary Research Contracts/Letter of Access requests – CH, MG, RP

Hosted studies for C&C review – FB, RN, KP, AB, LC, MS

Hosted study

NCA sponsored studies – KD, FB, HH, RN, FR

NCA sponsored study amendments – FB, HH, RN, FR

New starters – KD,  FB,  HH, RN, FR, KP, AB, LC, MS, CH, MG, RP

RPEAK: new account & password reset requests –  CH, MG, RP

Signed & dated CV & GCP certificates – CH, MG, RP


KD: Katie Doyle (                                    Head of Research

FB:  Fiona Bray (                                       R&I Deputy Manager

HH: Hannah Howlett (                              R&I Deputy Manager – NCA sponsorship

RN: Rowen Norton (                        R&I Deputy Manager

FR: Fatma Rumash (                        R&I Coordinator – NCA sponsorship

KP: Katie Poole (                                     R&I Coordinator

AB: Alice Brown (                                R&I Coordinator

LC: Leanne Charnock (                R&I Coordinator

MS: Melissa Shaw (                            R&I Coordinator

CH: Catherine Howe (                    R&I Administrator

MG: Mary GieschenKrische ( R&I Administrator – NCA sponsorship

RP: Rosie Panes (                                  R&I Administrator


Please note: Prof Steve Woby, Managing Director of R&I, will sign all commercial CTAs but does not need to be send correspondence for the above responsibilities.

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