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Salford is Centre of Excellence for Paget’s disease

The Paget’s disease service at Salford Royal, headed by Professor Terry O’Neill, has been named as one of 10 UK centres of excellence for this common bone condition. Charity the Paget’s Association has introduced the award to recognise hospital and university departments which demonstrate excellence in both the treatment of Paget’s disease and research into the condition.

Professor Roger Francis, Chairman of the Paget’s Association, said: “This initiative will ensure optimal management of patients and provision of services to patients and their carers, as well as encourage much needed research.  Patients being referred to these Centres of Excellence should be reassured that they will receive the best possible care.”

The UK has the highest prevalence of Paget’s disease in the world. It is characterised by excessive breakdown and formation of bone, resulting in weakened bones that can lead to pain, severe deformity, deafness and fractures. The Paget’s disease service at Salford Royal was established in the early 1980s by Professor David Anderson. The service is based within the Department of Rheumatology and is supported by a multidisciplinary team, including a specialist nurse, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. There is also close collaboration with other relevant clinical specialties, including radiology and orthopaedics. 

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