Salford Royal leads recruiters globally to the MISTIE-III trial

Researchers from Salford Royal are the lead recruiters globally to the complex MISTIE-III trial in 2015.

MISTIE III is an international, phase III, 500-patient clinical trial looking to define a successful treatment for intracerebral haemorrhage.  This is a sudden bleeding into brain tissue which can have devastating results. It is a world-wide problem for which there is currently no effective treatment.

The team has recruited five patients since opening in February. Louise Harrison, Senior Clinical Studies Officer at Salford’s Hyperacute Stroke Research Centre, said: “MISTIE-III is a complex, acute trial which has required the dedication and collaboration of all teams involved, including the CROps stroke research team and R+D, stroke and neurosurgical teams, critical care, radiology, pharmacy, theatres, aseptics, stroke and neuro wards. A special thank you to Principal Investigator, Hiren Patel, neurosurgeon Dan Holsgrove, and stroke consultant Adrian Parry-Jones – without their commitment and dedication we would not be in this position.”

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