Study: Looking for the best way to treat diabetic foot ulcers

Study summary

The MIDFUT study is looking at the best way to treat diabetic foot ulcers which are not healing quickly.

Who can take part?

People with diabetes aged 18 or over  and who have a diabetic foot ulcer may be able to join.

What will the research involve?

Taking part in the study would involve seeing a member of the research team at the diabetic foot ulcer clinic to receive treatment and complete some short questionnaires. The ulcer will also be measured by tracing around it onto a clear sheet and photographs will be taken of the foot and ulcer (but not the face). Anyone interested in taking part can ask for more information about the treatments, the number of visits involved, or to speak with a member of the research team, at their local clinic.

Where will the research take place?

Clinics which are currently taking part include Salford Royal and North Manchester General Hospital.

Study references

Ethics approved references for this study are listed below

REC reference: 17/YH/0055

IRAS 215194

For further information, please contact the research team:

0113 343 1724


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