Study: Swallowing problems for people with Parkinson’s disease

Study summary

People with Parkinson’s disease experience problems in swallowing, even in the early years following diagnosis.  Currently, swallowing problems are treated by speech and language therapists using methods to assist swallowing.

Recent studies have shown that neurostimulation (devices that stimulate nerves) can improve symptoms, for example of limb movements.

The research team want to find out if neurostimulation can improve swallowing in people affected with Parkinson’s Disease.

Who can take part?

You can participate in the study if you have swallowing problems and you have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease from a neurologist.

What will the research involve?

You will be invited to Salford Royal for two 3-hour sessions, which will involve the stimulation therapy and other research activities, such as questionnaires and assessments.

Your travel expenses will be covered

Where will the research take place?

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Salford M6 8HD

Study References

Ethics approved references for this study are listed below

  • Research Ethics Committee ref 17/YH/0031

For further information please contact the study team

Ayodele Sasegbon:

Ulrike Hammerbeck:

or phone 0161 206 1447

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