Explaining the 3T scanner

Salford’s first Research Week a big success


Salford’s first ever Research Week proved to be a great success last week, with a wide variety of events attracting visitors from the world of research, healthcare staff and the Salford community.

A research marquee showcasing the work of some of the teams involved in studies in Salford attracted more than 450 visitors in the three and a half days it was open. It was particularly busy on the Tuesday when 57 members of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust were able to hear from R+D Director Bill Ollier at a research-focused Medicine for Members seminar and then visit the marquee and enjoy guided tours of research areas.

The third annual Salford Research Conference brought together a fascinating array of presentations from colleagues at Salford Royal and the Universities of Manchester and Salford while another new venture, the Salford Research Showcase, highlighted some of the tools and techniques that could inform research in the future. The combined events attracted more than 150 delegates.

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