Maja Kopczynska

Top prize for junior doctor’s research

A trainee doctor at Salford Royal has gained a top prize in the prestigious Dr Falk-Pharma/Guts UK Charity national awards.

Dr Maja Kopczynska won the prize for her research project into the effect on the sexual function of patients living with chronic intestinal failure. The project, entitled ‘Psychosexual function and quality of life in Chronic Intestinal Failure (CIF)’, will be carried out by the Intestinal Failure Unit at Salford Royal.

 Dr Kopczynska was presented with her award and £2,500 project support prize by Dr Alastair McKinley, the President of the British Gastroenterology Society at a virtual ceremony.

The Dr Falk Pharma/Guts UK Charity Awards are dedicated to encouraging research and promoting patient care in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Since 2007 they have rewarded over 100 dedicated young healthcare professionals, including medical students, junior doctors, nurses and dietitians.

Dr Kopczynska said: “In this study we aim to investigate the prevalence of psychosexual dysfunction in patients diagnosed with CIF and to provide an accurate picture of the overall psychosexual well-being of patients diagnosed with CIF. Based on the outcome of this study the standard of practice in the home parenteral nutrition clinics could be changed and our data could enable clinicians to capture patients’ distress related to their health-related quality of life.

“I am honoured to receive the Dr Falk Guts UK F1/F2 Research Award. This award provides me with the opportunity to fulfil my passions and develop expertise in my area of interest to better understand patient needs and find ways to deliver more personalised care.”

Dr Kopczynska’s Project Supervisor, Consultant Gastroenterologist Professor Simon Lal said: “I would like to congratulate Dr Kopczynska for her initiative in highlighting this neglected area of research for people living with chronic intestinal failure and for recognising that psychosexual function may be a key issue to these people and their partners.”

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