Emergency medicine

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Salford Royal’s Emergency Department provides treatment for about 85,000 patients a year. The department offers specialist trauma and emergency medical care for all forms of serious injury and illness. It is part of the Greater Manchester Major Trauma Network, established to provide rapid assessment and treatment at specialist centres for patients who experience life threatening injuries.

Salford Royal is also a specialist neurosurgical centre for adults, providing care for people with serious head injuries from all over Greater Manchester.

The Trust is involved in research for emergency and trauma care to encourage improvements in treatment and outcomes for patients.  Particular areas of interest within the department are improving treatment and care for trauma management and traumatic brain injury.

The Research Team works across the Emergency Village, which also includes the Emergency Assessment Unit.  Several of our consultants are involved in leading research on a wider regional, national and international level.  The team also works with other health organisations on research, including Manchester Royal Infirmary and the North West Ambulance Service.

Research studies within the department have included:

  • Managing sepsis to improve outcomes for patients with severe infections.
  • Treatment for patients with significant gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Identification and treatment of infectious meningitis and encephalitis.
  • Treatment for patients with traumatic brain injuries.
  • Pre-hospital assessment of chest pain.

The research team works closely with clinicians and nurses across the Emergency Village and wider hospital to promote research and to engage with patients.

To contact the Research Team phone 0161 206 2188.


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