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The Northern Care Alliance Research Collection (NCARC)

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The Northern Care Alliance Research Collection (NCARC) is a generic research tissue bank with delegated ethical permission to authorise research using collected tissue and NHS data

Use of a standardised consent form and information sheet  allows:

  • Access to any surplus clinical tissue collected in the past or at any time in the future
  • Access to minimally invasive extra samples (e. blood) with permission
  • Access to all retrospective and future clinical data
  • Potential inclusion of donors with impaired capacity
  • Potential to collect for ‘fresh tissue’ research

Led from within R&I to:

  • Provide oversight and consistency
  • Offer a support framework, including monitoring/compliance
  • Offer potential access to HTA compliant biorepository facilities if needed

Creating a tissue collection

A Management Committee sitting within R&I:

  • Considers written proposals for new collections
  • Ensures collections will provide research opportunities and align to Trust and R&I priorities
  • Ensures potential costs are clear, recoverable, and support future income generation (e.g. portfolio opportunities, grants, etc.)
  • Helps ensure that collections comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Authorises collections that are of significant research value and are likely to have a high throughput of samples/data
  • Promotes NCARC as a mechanism for facilitating research and other opportunities
  • Maintains oversight of the long term costs and strategy for NCARC

Researcher access

An Access Committee:

  • Considers proposals to access samples or data from international researchers
  • Critically reviews proposals to ensure they are scientifically robust and important
  • Ensures samples are released wherever possible and for the best possible research
  • Ensures that appropriate acknowledgement exists for collectors/bank/R&I/Trust
  • Is made up of experts and lay-members including clinicians, patients, researchers, and R&I
  • Considers applications via email to encourage rapid progression of high-quality research